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For the sake of the environment, we have decided to no longer offer printed catalogs. Below you will find our PDF's for download.

As a corporate customer, you will receive a discount depending on the quantity. The shipping costs will be added as a surcharge.


Strengthen your B2B relationships with our exclusive, handmade CHOCOLISSIMO products.
Shippment all over Europe. We are happy to manage your gift list and ship to multiple addresses.


Browse for gift ideas and promotional items in the following areas:


* Christmas gifts * New Year's greetings * Easter gifts * Birthday gifts * Anniversaries * Thank you gifts *
* Product launch promotional items * Marketing campaigns * Trade fairs and congresses * Company parties * Incentives for employees *


With us, you can treat your customers to our high-quality CHOCOLISSIMO products all year round.
Since we also offer tranche delivery let us know how much chocolate you would like to receive each year and we will work with you to plan a customized tranche delivery.


We look forward to new projects and hope you enjoy browsing!

Contact us at: verkauf@chocolissimo.de.



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XMAS Catalog 2024

Xmas Catalog Xmas Catalog

QR-Code Leaflet 2024


General Catalog 2023


Ganzjahr Katalog 2023 Ganzjahr Katalog 2023

ChocoPrints-Catalog 2023

Customisable Chocolates

ChocoPrints Katalog 2020 ChocoPrints Katalog 2020

Praline Menu 2023 

Chocolissimo 2022 Easter DE Chocolissimo 2022 Easter DE

Easter Catalog 2024



Chocolissimo 2022 Easter DE Chocolissimo 2022 Easter DE